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Test Scores
Each year in the fall, grades 3 - 8 take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) test. ITBS measures the skills and achievement of students from Kindergarten through grade 8. Developed at The University of Iowa and backed by a tradition of more than 70 years of educational research and test development experience, the ITBS provides an in-depth assessment of students achievement of important educational objectives. Tests in reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and information sources yield reliable and comprehensive information both about the development of students skills and about their ability to think critically. California public school's STAR testing is not available to private schools like Foothill. It is not possible to correlate ITBS test scores with STAR's.

Foothill's 2012/2013 ITBS test scores are as follows:
ITBS 2012 Test Scores
Grade Grade
Rank (%)
3  4.0 70
4  4.7 65
5  7.1 72
6  6.8 60
7  9.6 73
8 11.3 77

These scores do not include English as a Second Language(ESL) students. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to better understand what these scores mean.