Foothill Adventist Elementary School
1991 Landess Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035-7071 • 408-263-2568

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Every student entrusted to our care is a gift from God to be educated for both now and eternity.

At Foothill Adventist Elementary School, we provide an educational program designed to encourage each boy and girl to work effectively, to communicate articulately and to approach life with a sense of purpose and competence.

Grounded in the Seventh-day Adventist Christian faith, we are  a close-knit community enriched by a diverse group of students, teachers, board members and parents working together to nurture student minds and hearts. Our curriculum enables children to study the classic and the contemporary as they develop academic, artistic, and athletic skills and talents under the guidance of experienced teachers and volunteers who take the time to know each child well.

Our goal is that our graduates will be successful students in secondary schools and responsible, thoughtful citizens of the world. We believe that in the process of preparing and guiding young people toward intellectual growth and moral and spiritual awareness, the beginning is everything.


TEACH Reverence for God, respect for others, responsibility for one's self and academic excellence.
ENCOURAGE A lifestyle based on the principles of the Holy Scriptures and an abiding relationship with God.
INSPIRE Excellence in every achievement and an appreciation for service to mankind.
LOVE Every student as a unique individual, recognizing his/her dignity and infinite value.
Schoolwide Goals & Action Plans
Schoolwide-Improvement Action Plan (Goal) #1: Optimize and Upgrade Facility in Combination with Action Plan #4
Standard #/Subject Area: School Grounds and Facility
Objective: To create and maintain an efficient, safe, and current school environment through facilities upgrades.
Action Step #
Person(s) Responsible
Action Steps
Estimated Resources
School Board and Church Board To develop an active Building Committee with the church, preschool, and school.
  • Each entity should be represented
  • Community members may be invited to join
10/2016 Description of committee purpose and tasks, list of qualified candidates
2 Building Committee Appoint a facilities manager for the Center.
  • Develop job description
  • Advertise position in bulletins and websites
9/2016 Funds for a part-time employee (TBD)
3 Building Committee Develop plan for other facilities improvements:
  • New Signage
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Gym Renovations
  • Lighting upgrades
  • New Windows
  • Security Cameras
  • Lunch Area
  • Additional classrooms (portable or expansions)
2/2017 List of school facility needs (from parent, teacher, admin, board interviews and observations)
4 Organize Regular “Work Bees” Church and Schools work together to schedule and organize Community Work Bees (at least twice a year).
  • Advertise at church(es)
  • Involve our local community
10/2016 Cleaning supplies, paint, tools, hardware, etc.
Principal, Staff, Teachers, and Janitor Schedule regular classroom and building walk-throughs to ensure spaces are used in an organized and efficient manner.
  • Keep classrooms, offices, and hallways neat and organized
  • Keep record of any items that need to be replaced or removed
8/2016 List of all school areas to be monitored
Building Committee, Facilities Manager Research and plan for extra classroom(s) on campus.
  • Acquire quotes for portable classroom to accommodate increasing enrollment
  • Acquire quotes for building on to our top floor (2 rooms)
  • Work with architect, city planner, and general contractor to acquire plans
11/2016 Size of desired portable based on classroom size, size of placement area, list of qualified contactors
Building Committee, Facilities Manager Launch building plan to extend classrooms through a portable or building on to our top floors to accommodate increasing enrollment; explore the idea of moving to a larger facility. 2/2017 TBD
Schoolwide-Improvement Action Plan (Goal) #2: Academic Improvement and Success
Standard #/Subject Area: Math (2015-17), Science (2017-19), Technology (2019-21), Language Arts (2021-23)
Objective: To regularly assess and monitor student progress and develop a comprehensive academic plan that leads to more student learning and academic success across the curriculum.
Action Step #
Person(s) Responsible
Action Steps
Estimated Resources
School Board To develop an active Academic Committee.
  • A parent, student, teacher, and board member may be represented
  • Community members may  be invited to join
11/2016 List qualified candidates, description of committee purpose and tasks
2 Academic Committee Incorporate effective testing strategies.
  • 2 testing dates for more accurate monitoring of student success and teacher/curriculum effectiveness.
  • Research different testing options and brands.
  • Keep ITBS Fall testing but explore the possibility of other testing.
  • Review test results regularly
  • Understand our academic strengths and weaknesses
10/2016-2/2017 Funds for additional testing (TBD), list of testing that other private schools in the area use, research on most effective testing methods, information on a 2nd ITBS
3 Principal and Teachers Develop recognition program that rewards students for hard work and achievement
  • Teachers will provide assessment scores as a class average regularly
  • Principal will reward students bimonthly for their progress and achievements
  • Attention will be focused on famous, well known, or other individuals in the community who worked hard to achieve their goals
-Give feedback through regular meetings with parents, students, and school community
Funds for rewards and/or parties for students, list of scores from each class: $500-$800
4 Principal and Teachers Attend or participate in 2-3 professional development activities annually that are centered on student learning
  • STEM Conferences
  • Common Core Workshops
  • Differentiated Instruction Conventions
  • Reading books on student learning and academic success
-Give feedback through regular meetings with parents, students, and school community
Cleaning supplies, paint, tools, hardware, etc.
Principal, Teachers, Academic Committee Set specific (S.M.A.R.T.) goals each year for academic achievement. Know where students are and where we want them to be and communicate this regularly to the school community.
  • Phase 1: Incorporate Math SDA/California State Standards in the classroom regularly-completing and meeting the standards (post standards and communicate these standards to students and parents)
  • Phase 2: Create individual learning plans for students as needed using different DI strategies such as Tiered assignments to help them meet and exceed standards.
  • Phase 3: Include more academic clubs and groups in the extra murals program, invite successful community members to connect with students regarding these subjects, center events and meetings around academic improvements and successes and celebrate these achievements school wide
-Give feedback through regular meetings with parents, students, and school community
List of teacher’s SMART goals from year to year, California State Standards, NAD Curriculum Guides, List of DI strategies, List of current extra murals programs and  clubs
Schoolwide-Improvement Action Plan (Goal) #3: Educators and pastor collaborate to develop a Spiritual Master Plan for student development
Standard #/Subject Area: Spiritual Climate, All subjects
Objective: Students will develop in faith, academics, and extracurricular activities as outlined in the school’s mission, philosophy, and school-wide learner outcomes.
Action Step #
Person(s) Responsible
Action Steps
Estimated Resources
Principal, Pastor, DL Director, and School Board To develop a Center mission that is cohesive and Christ-centered.
  • The Center leaders should meet regularly to discuss and draft this mission
  • The board will discuss the mission and vote
  • The mission should be communicated frequently and regularly (verbally, on written documents, on websites, etc)
11/2016 Current DL, FH, and Church Missions
2 Principal, Pastor, Cross Trainer, and Teachers Meet regularly to develop Spiritual Plans for the school community:
  • Classroom plans
  • Events plans
  • Chapels
  • Evangelism
  • Home Visits
  • Daily prayer and devotionals
  • Prayer Walks or Meetings
Begin Fall of 2016
-Give feedback through regular meetings with pastor, parents, students, and school community
Spiritual Master Plan document, list of spiritual activities currently on campus
3 Cross Trainer
(Bible Worker)
Weekly School/Classroom Visits
  • Bible studies
  • Chapel presentations
  • After school groups
11/2016 School calendar, classroom schedules
4 Principal, School Board Connect with local Christian Counseling services to offer on campus support (seek pro bono services or acquire quote) 10/2016-6/2017 TBD
5 School Board, Principal, Teachers Review SMP regularly (monthly or bi monthly) 1st Reviews Completed: 4/2016
Next reviews: 8/2016
Spiritual Master Plan copy (or website placement)
6 Principal Survey school community about the spiritual atmosphere of the school before and after the SMP is developed and implemented 1st Survey Completed: 5/2016; 2nd: 5/2017 Spiritual Action Plan, SMP Surveys
Schoolwide-Improvement Action Plan (Goal) #4: Increase enrollment by 25% (totaling 135 students) (totaling 135 students) by 2019 in combination with Action Plan #1.
Standard #/Subject Area: Marketing and Enrollment
Objective: To focus on intentional marketing strategies and increase enrollment mainly in the lower grades. 
Action Step #
Person(s) Responsible
Action Steps
Estimated Resources
Principal and DL Director To bridge the gap between our Discoveryland pre-school to Foothill Kindergarten
  • Combine some events
  • Kinder visitation days
  • Combine Newsletters for bulletin inserts or flyers
  • FH students connect with DL students on their campus
Began Fall of 2014
-Give feedback through regular meetings with pastor, parents, students, and school community
School Newsletters, Databases, Contact information for DL parents
2 Principal, Board Member(s) Visit local pre-schools and build relationships with these schools and their parents
  • Schedule regular meetings with other pre-school directors
  • Visit campuses
  • Attend their events
  • Provide them with flyers or brochures
Began Fall of 2015
-Give feedback through regular meetings with pastor, parents, students, and school community
FH Flyers, FH Brochures (up-to-date), Mailing lists
3 School Board, Principal Strengthen the Marketing Committee
  • Regular Meetings
  • Community Members
  • Involve PTO in marketing strategies
  • Assessments
11/2016 GraceWorks marketing plan (binder), description of committee goals and tasks
4 Marketing Committee Following the GraceWorks Marketing Plan more consistently
  • Follow the monthly calendar
  • Ensure that surveys are distributed
  • Encourage teachers and staff to provide positive customer service
-Give feedback through regular meetings with pastor, parents, students, and school community
GraceWorks binder, surveys, GW calendar
5 Principal, School Board Communicate our enrollment goal frequently (Current as of 5-5-16:108 students)
  • 2016:116 students
  • 2017:121 students
  • 2018:131 students
  • 2019:135 students
12/2016 List of goals and progress yearly

The Home and School Association is an organization of parents and interested church members whose purpose is to provide parent education and unite the home, the school and the church in providing Christian education for all students.

Objectives & Responsibilities of PTO
  1. Aid and educate parents in parenting skills, including health, nutrition, discipline, and spiritual development.
  2. Strengthen the relationship between the home, school, and church.
  3. Aid in the recruitment of students for the school and assist the church in providing funds so all students may attend church school.
  4. Assist the church school in providing funds for needed equipment, materials, and library resources.
  5. Provide activities that promote social interaction between the home, school and church.
  6. Assist the school in recruitment of volunteers for such activities as teaching assistance, field trips, drivers, home-room parents, plant improvement and beautification and other special projects requiring volunteer assistance.