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Community Service
Live Like You Love the Ocean
Sarah Mondestin
November 2016

“Live like you love the ocean.” This is a familiar motto of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s education program that helps to motivate teachers and students to solve ocean pollution issues plaguing our coast. Jovinia Mustard, a teacher at Foothill Adventist School, and her students take this motto to heart as they visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium each year for ocean learning and for the Ocean Plastic Pollution Summit.  With about 300 million tons of petroleum-based plastic bottles, bags, utensils, and other “disposable items” being thrown away each year, the Aquarium challenges teachers and students to develop new ideas for the use of these items and solutions to the plastics problem.

Only a select group of students is chosen each year to present plastics projects at the summit and this year, Mrs. Mustard’s class is going for the third time. Last year, Mrs. Mustard’s 3rd graders presented their plastic bottle cap art work ranging from blue whales to colorful “Nemo” clownfish. They later auctioned the artwork at school and, with the proceeds, were able to purchase and install a new water bottle refill station for the school. “We want to help reduce single-plastic use in our school by teaching the students and staff the benefits of recycling,” says Mrs. Mustard.

Her students enjoy presenting their projects at the aquarium and meeting hundreds of other students with similar goals. But their favorite part? The aquarium’s massive sleepover where students literally get to “sleep with the fishes.” Sleeping bags line the aquarium walls as students race to get a good spot near their favorite ocean animal.

“Instead of counting sheep, I counted tuna fish to sleep!” said Eliana.

“I got to see a baby whale while I was eating breakfast,” remembers Timothy.

This year, Mrs. Mustard and her select 2nd graders have invited a few students from the Kindergarten class to join them. They are looking forward to presenting new and creative ideas for the recycled use of plastics and, hopefully, getting a premium sleeping bag spot near the shark tank.   

“The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lords: but the earth hath he given to the children of men.” -Psalm 115:16

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Students make waves for Palau typhoon victims

The 3rd and 4th Grade Cookie Project recently got a write-up in the Milpitas Post! Click here for the full article.


2nd Grade Raises $200 for 8 Chickens

Earlier this year, the 2nd grade class had a visit from the ladies at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.  As part of the presentation each student had the opportunity to design a quilt block.  With the generous help of a parent, these blocks were sewn together to make a beautiful quilt.

At the 2nd grade Authors' Night last week the students held a raffle of the quilt to raise money for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA). Before that evening the students looked at several available projects and chose project number 33, buying chickens for families in Mongolia.  Having a chicken will provide families with eggs for protein and a natural source of fertilizer and insect protection for their crops.

Each chicken cost $25. The students did the math and calculated that if they could raise $100 they could purchase four chickens.  That afternoon they went home and encouraged family and friends to come to Authors' Night and buy raffle tickets.  Family and friends did indeed come support the students and the 2nd grade class was overjoyed to learn that by the end of the night they had raised not $100, but $200--enough for 8 chickens!


Cookies Raise Money for Friends in Peleliu
Tiffany dos Santos

January 2013 

This December the 3rd and 4th grade students discovered that it truly is better to give than receive.  

It all started with a few kids eavesdropping on a conversation between Miss Nelly and Mrs. dos Santos -- a conversation about the tiny island of Peleliu, where Mrs. dos Santos used to be a missionary, and a typhoon that knocked down many of the houses there. This not only left much of the population homeless, but the entire island was without power or water, and had no way to contact their loved ones, and aid was slow to arrive.
That afternoon at lunch, a few students got together, took their coins and dollars that they were going to use for rootbeer floats, and put it together. They handed the envelope to Mrs. dos Santos with the words "For Friends in Peleliu" on it. Inside was the first $13 that would be collected over the next few weeks.
Seeing that the students had a desire to help the island of Peleliu, the class got together and formed a plan: they would make cookies and sell them, all to send to people in need.  However, there was a catch -- in order to have the money to get the supplies, they would need to give up their gift exchange. A few were hesitant. But then one hand shot up.  "Mrs. dos Santos," the little boy asked, "are they going to have Christmas trees this year?" Mrs. dos Santos explained that they were more concerned with getting a place to live than having a Christmas tree, so no, this year would be Christmas-free for the island. That did it. The students whole-heartedly agreed to the plan. They wanted to share Christmas with people on the other side of the world, in the form of money for nails and building materials.
Families made cookies. Students wrote thank-you cards. Over 50 boxes were packed and shipped (all done by little hands) to at least 13 different states, stretching from California to New Hampshire, with Wisconsin and Alabama (among others) in the middle. Calls started coming in from the recipients of the boxes expressing how touched they were to receive their box and card.
Donations ranged from $15 all the way to $200. In the end about $2,000 was raised. A phone call was made to Palau, and tears were shed. And in the hearts of children in the 3rd and 4th grades were filled with pride and joy. They had seen a need, and they did what they could to meet it. Sure, they didn't share the customary Christmas presents this year, but they all shared a gift of far greater worth -- that of a giving heart.

Click here to read the article in the Milpitas Post.



Assist in Disaster Relief
Foothill is part of the world-wide educational system of the Seventh-day Adventist church which has an agency (Adventist Development and Relief Agency, ADRA) dedicated to provide disaster relief. Click here to learn more about this and how you can help.

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