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Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
The Foothill PTO is here to unite the home, school, and the church in their endeavors to provide Christian education for children, adding a unique family feel that establishes an atmosphere of love needed for a successful learning environment. The PTO aims to strengthen the relationship between home and school by providing opportunities for parents and teacher to develop positive repationships in their work for the children. They do this by promoting such activities as: 

  • Providing suggestions to the administration and school board for curriculum improvement. 
  • Encouraging frequent communication between home and school.
  • Encouraging teachers to stay connected to the students and their families. 
  • Providing volunteer services as requested by the school.
  • Assisting in providing the school with additional equipment and facilities not provided by the church or conference. 

Fundraising for Foothill
The PTO plays a significant role in encouraging fundraising for the school and classrooms. Each year, the PTO raises between $3000-$6000 for school and classroom needs. Some of the items the school has acquired due to such high parent support include: 

  • iPads and accesories for K-3rd grades
  • Document cameras for 4th-6th grades
  • Ukeleles for 5th and 6th graders
  • New drinking fountain
  • Gaming system
  • Stability balls for 7th and 8th graders
But more importantly, the PTO wants the children to be happy and enjoy school. With all of the high demands of academic success, the PTO has also worked with students, parents, and teachers to include events on campus that bring our school community together, such as: 
  • The ITBS Testing Breakfast Week
  • The Pancake Breakfast
  • The Fall Festival
  • The Thanksgiving Feast
  • The Spring Fling

Go to our calendar to see when our next PTO meeting is scheduled. All parents are welcomed to join! You can also see what programs and events are scheduled for the year. Come join us, we would love to see and hear from you. For Pathfinders and Adventurers, see the planned meetings and activities.

Click here to learn more about PTO's mission, objectives and responsibilities.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you to all of our supporters who continue to keep our school and our children in prayer. We appreciate your donations and contributions. It's people like you that make our school successful! If you would like to donate to the PTO and Foothill, visit our donate page

Home Room Parents Needed!

A home room parent is a point of contact from each classroom that serves to keep the teachers and parents connected. This person also helps the teacher and represent the classroom with various activities. We like to have at least 2 home room parents from each classroom. Please come to one of our meetings to learn more and see how you can help us with your creative ideas. 
When we volunteer, we teach our children the lesson derived from Mathew 22:37, 39; When we serve others, we serve God.

We received a $98 check from BOXTOPS. Many thanks! Please keep swiping those S.H.A.R.E.S cards whenever you shop at Luckys, Savemart, Smart Foods and Food Maxx. Yes, every swipe and boxtop cut turns into cash for our school.

Foothill & MVA students participate in Community Services
You will be proud to know that many of  your students are involved in many different Community services throughout the year. In addition to the Community Services through their classrooms, they also participate in services outside the school. Some of the services are: Feeding the homeless every Sunday of the month, visiting the Elderly folks home to spend time and share music with the elderlies in our community, making blankets for the less fortunate and spending Christmas Day visiting battered women shelters and distributing warm blankets to the homeless at St. James Park in downtown San Jose, California.

They also had lots of fun while helping others. Some of the fun things they did was decorating the Christmas tree and sing on a stage at Christmas in the Park. Cool, I say. Check out the Foothill Facebook for more pictures from this event. Aren't you glad that you are aligned with a school that teachers our children how to use their brain and their heart.

See IRS Pub 526Question Corner

Q: How do I get a tax-deductible receipt for donations that I made to the PTO or Foothill? 
A: For general donations, our school office will provide you with a donation letter with our tax ID. Please contact our office for more details at 408-263.2568..  Money spent on specific fundraisers such as the Cookie Dough Fundraiser is not tax-deductible because money was traded for goods. (See IRS Publication 526. Consult with your professional tax person for more details.) 

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PTO Meeting Minutes

April 4, 2017

Attendees: Denisse Mendez, Ms. Fletcher, Fafi Getachew, Cathy Martens, Ruqaya Ovenstone, Debbie Dundon, Kim Saito, Mrs. Morita, Mrs. Mondestin and Violet Wade
  • 6:00 Opening Prayer - Violet Wade
  • Spring Fling (April 30)
  • Basket template- Denisse Mendez volunteered to create Template for Auction Basket for all classes.
    • Here is list of K-8 with Homeroom Parent and Basket Themes (other baskets and themes are welcomed)
      • ‚ÄčK- Kim - Sports
      • 1st- Ruqaya/Fafi - Back to School
      • 2nd- Jenel - Beach/Summer
      • 3/4th- Cathy - Sports/Mine Craft
      • 5th- Maria - Game night
      • 6th- Lynn - movie (?) check with Lynn
      • 7th- Naomi - Date night/Spa
      • 8th- Debbie - Music 
  • Bathroom Project UpdatePTO approved $5K to secure an architectural design for review. An Architect and KSN contractor was at Foothill on 4/4/17 to take measurements to move forward to create an architectural design. 
  • Update from Last Meeting:
    • Snack survey - the survey shows most people who responded to the survey would like to replace the snack with healthier alternatives.There are no longer gelatin snacks being sold on campus. A nutritional snack menu will be reviewed for future sales.  
    • STEM Fair Feedback - Sarah reported very positive feedback. The only negative was that the fair was too short.
    • (MIT Webnar) - 5th-8th girls will participate in training/discussion as part of initiative to encourage more girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Science arena.
    • Parents indicated that they loved the Skate Night 
    • Injury Reports - Sarah reported that Daycare department now has the injury forms to fill when accident happens.
    • 3 R's Banner - (Respect yourself, Respect your school and Respect others) banner which was placed on a side in the gym that is not visible to students. This banner is now moved to an opposite side in the gym so that it is visible as students walk into the gym. Many parents indicated they would check out the banner.
    • Summer Day Camps are being planned and registration is open. 
      • Vacation Bible School (June 12-17)VBS cost is $150 for 9-3pm with snack, lunch, t-shirt and materials included. the response is that $150 is expensive. Parents want to know the cost of daycare after 3pm to help them decide whether to enroll in VBS. We'll review feedback and adjust fee appropriately.
      • Basketball Camp (June 19-30)$200 for 2 weeks it was well received.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week - PTO Award (May 1-5): Each classroom will plan a special thing for their teacher
  • GraduationKindergarten Grad - June 68th Grade Graduation - June 8 (Special Guest Speaker)-Devon Franklin is a Seventh Day Adventist who grew up in Oakland, California. He shares his love for Jesus on a national platform without any excuses. He believes that his true success is due to his faith in God and you can enjoy true success without losing your true self. He started preaching when he was 15 years old at his uncle's Adventist Church called Wings of Love. Even though Devon is a star, he never forgot where he came from. He still preaches at his uncle's church in Oakland where he grew up. Devon went to Hollywood to pursue his passion for movies, but he wanted God to incorporate his passion for movies and his love for Jesus. God did just that. His book, Produced by Faith parallels each step of Hollywood filmmaking process with faith-making process God uses to turn your career into a success. He said you will discover that it is possible to be both wildly successful and completely committed to God and that you will be even more successful when you place your faith at the center of your career. You can unleash the power of your faith as your greatest professional advantage and use the compass of Gods Word to guide you to your true passion and purpose in life. Devon served as Vice President of production for Columbia Pictures, a division of Sony Pictures. Some of the movies he oversaw are: The Karate Kid, Pursuit of Happyness, Hancock, faith-based hit Not Easily Broken and Jumping the Broom. He has authored two books - Produced by Faith and The Wait which he authored with his wife Meagan Good. Devon and his beautiful wife Meagan Good live in Hollywood, CA
  • 7:05pm Closing Payer: Ms. Fletcher
  • Next Mtg. April 18
PTO Meeting Minutes
March 7, 6-7pm
1.Social Media
Mrs. Mondestin shared recent assembly with the Milpitas Police Department.  School is planning on another
2.  Healthy Snacks
Food shouldn’t be the focus.  The movie should.
Please get rid of candy.  What healthy suggestions could replace?
  • Parents can donate healthy snacks (allergies considered)
  • Increase movie entrance instead of making money off of food.
  • Explain what the movie (fundraiser) is for and
  • No candies- issue for teeth (dentist), (some animal products)
  • Send out survey asking for suggestions of healthy snacks
  • Sell small toys instead?
3.  School Upgrades
Mrs. Mondestin shared the reason for all fundraisers:  bathroom renovations. 
The school is working with contractors -  getting quotes. Between $48 and $68 thousand.
The school has asked the CCC a grant for this project.  $10,000 received.
Shared what PTO has fundraised up-to-date.
Box Tops are being collected to help. 
  • Ask Ikea
  • Have a recycling drive.  Ask parents to donate recyclable goods.  Funds raised could go to upgrades.
  • Kids could donate toys or other items and sell them.  Possibly a Silent Auction
  • Seasonal Fundraisers?  See’s Candy?  Read-a-Thon?  Carnival (work with carnival company and vendors)? 
  • Provide PTO with a list of needed upgrades that the school needs.  (Response:  Action Committee is working on that and should get that within the month.)
4.  Spring Fling (April 30)
-     Silent Auction baskets:  Mrs. Wade is asking specific parents to be the contact for each class.
-     Donate a talent: cooking, etc. People can bid on it and enjoy the food!
-     White Elephant in the gym- bring in items to donate
5.  Other Recommendations:
*          Each class provides information to the teachers or parents email and communicate.  Rotate parents as representatives to go to the PTO meeting.  Each parent takes a month.
*          Should have deadlines for decision making. 
*          Lunch containers- cause waste.  Suggestion- Parents send reusable containers that the staff can put the lunch in.  Student brings it home to wash.
*          In addition to volunteer hours that parents are required to have, parents should be required to attend a certain number of PTO meetings. 
*          Bring in more students: (brings more money)
-           Website and Handbook need to be updated,
-           Think Big—Bring in more students.  Find out why some have left. 
-           Summer Camps? - technology, sports camp, cooking, Lego, Bible, language, science, STEM,
  • (recruit Christian college kids who need hours/experience, parents who need part-time jobs),
  • Pay when you enroll (early enrollment discount)
-           Keep up with what public school has to offer (coding,
*          Summer Daycare:  Keep younger students on campus while the older ones go out.
-           Make creative suggestions of activities that the kids can do on campus that can be fun and special.
-           Spirit Week- (for school year or summer program) teams compete for points
-           Program sent to parents earlier so they can plan their summer
*          PTO sell uniforms. 
Dismissal:  8pm
Next Meetings:  April 4 and April 18
November 29, 2016
Attendees:Jenel Lepulu, 
Sarah Mondestin, Tiffany Merchant, Violet Wade
Student Council Attendees:Peace Wade, Joy Wade
  • Opening prayer - Violet Wade
  • Reviewed minutes from 10-4-16.
  • PTO: Vision - To have parents be more involved with teachers and students; bringing together the Home, School and Church as a family!
  • PTO Projects: Renovate student bathroom
    • A contractor (Paul Amos) is scheduled to come in on Wednesday, 11/30/16 and provide quote for the bathroom project.
    • We hope to have 3 quotes before Christmas holidays. One quote of $80,000 is already on the books.
  • PTO Financial Report:
    • Current balance as of 10/28/16 is $32,153.30
    • last 2 deposits of $9,641 from Cookie Dough sale. Thanks parents and students!
    • Expecting an invoice from Cookie Dough company to pay out 60% of the total sale from Cookie Dough vendor
    • There are 3 expenses without names of requesters.
    • Violet to send email to Orson to add requesters' names and explanation of items
  • PTO Awards classrooms with 100% participations in 2016 Cookie Dough Fundraiser!
    • Pizza and ice cream parties for following classrooms
    • Kindergarten (Mrs Lee)
    • 1st grade (Ms Fletcher)
    • 2nd Grade (Mrs. Mustard)