Foothill Adventist Elementary School
1991 Landess Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035-7071 • 408-263-2568

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Summer Program Camps Schedule
Week 1 (June 12-16):      Vacation Bible School (free!)
Week 2 (June 20-23):    Summer Activities (Basketball Camp is full)
Week 3 (June 27-30):    Summer Activities (Basketball Camp is full)
Week 4 (July 5-7):           Summer Activities
Week 5 (July 10-14):       STEM Camp
Week 6 (July 17-21):       Summer Activities
Week 7 (July 24-28):      Academic Prep. Camp
Week 8 (July 31-Aug 4): Arts & Culinary Camp 

Daily Camp Schedule for STEM, Academic and Arts & Culinary Camps: 

7:30am Daycare
9:00am Summer Day Camp Begins!
Welcome Activities & Ice-Breakers
9:30am Whole Group Lesson: What will we learn? What will we create? How does this relate to the world?
10:00am Snack Break
10:15am Station Rotations 1 & 2
Hands-on Projects/Interactive Learning
11:45am Lunch and Recess
12:45pm Station Rotations 1 & 2
Hands-on Projects/Interactive Learning    
2:30pm Wrap Up/Show & Share: What did we learn? What did we create? How does this relate to the world?
3:00pm Dismissal to Daycare
6:00pm Daycare closes

STEM Camp Stations
Stations 1-4: Science (M)
Stations 1-4: Technology (T)
Stations 1-4: Engineering (W)
Stations 1-4: Math (Th)
Stations 1-4: STEAM & Art (F)
Arts & Culinary Camp Stations
Station 1: Cooking
Station 2: Baking 
Station 3: 
Visual Arts
Station 4:Music (T, Th)/Dance (M,W,F)

Academic Prep Camp Stations
Station 1: Math
Station 2: Reading
Station 3: Writing
Station 4: Science

Basketball Camp
Message From Basketball Camp Coaches: 

Hello Fellow Camper Parents,

I want to thank you for enrolling your child(ren) in this year's Foothill Falcon's Basketball Camp 2017.  Everyone has filled out the registration forms and submitted them.  There are a couple of you that still need to remit the remaining balance of the registration fee.  Please be sure and do so at your earliest convenience.  A lot of work and preparation has thus far gone into making sure this year's camp is a great success.  We are anticipating some very special guests that come from the college ranks and we are still holding onto hope that we may even be able to secure a guest or two from the professional level.  
Our two weeks together will be filled with fun but also a lot of hard work.  Please let me re-emphasize HARD WORK!  This camp will be challenging not only for those that are new to the sport of basketball but also those that have experience with it.  We will be focusing mainly on developing your child into a fundamentally sound basketball player.  
For those that have been on the boy's basketball team and know how I run my practices, the camp will in no way resemble what we do in practice.  I want to encourage you as parents not to allow your camper(s) to become discouraged due to the hard work.  We will do our best to continue to encourage and be positive as they develop their skills.  But as you well know, to become proficient at anything requires hard work and dedication.  
We are aware that there are some of your children that are quite young.  We will be sure to tailor each session to be age appropriate.  I believe that by the end of the two weeks, each camper will have all the tools necessary to be able to develop into the best basketball player they can be.  
I look forward to being with your child(ren) for the duration of the two weeks.  Should you have any questions, be sure to find me at school or feel free to email me here.  God bless and Go Foothill!

Weekly Rate (7:30am-6pm) $200          
Daily Rate (Summer Activities weeks only)  $45
Daily Rate (*VBS & Basketball Campers only)  $20
*The Summer program includes daycare, daily camps, and activities M-F 7:30am - 6:00pm.