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Student Council

The student council is an active and vital element of the school program and serves as a voice for all of our students in Foothill. The council works to encourage character development, values and a sense of respect and responsibility.


The student council is made up of class representatives from grades five through eight. The offices are President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Historian, Religious Vice, Social Vice, Sports Officer, and AV Officer. Student elections are conducted in September following campaigning and public addresses by the candidates.

Foothill Adventist School 
Student Council Pledge

As a member of the Foothill Adventist School Student Council, I pledge to:

  • Make a positive difference in my school and community.
  • Create a positive environment where loving, inspiring, teaching, and encouraging (L.I.T.E.) will take place.
  • Show respect, kindness, and compassion towards others.
  • Engage our community, friends, family and Foothill students by creating and sharing effective, positive, and meaningful activities.
  • Conduct myself with academic integrity maintaining the required GPA during all quarters. 
  • Conduct myself as an exemplary student with little or no behavioral issues.
  • Be an advocate and stand up for any students who are being treated meanly and being bullied.The Foothill Adventist School

Student Council will:

  • Show respect, kindness, and compassion towards others.
  • Actively engage in worthwhile projects that foster sharing, giving, and companionship to members in our school and community.
  • Be positive, Christian examples to our classmates, peers, and community helping to lead them closer to Christ through our words and actions. 
  • Lead by example and take responsibility enabling us to make a difference and impact our school, community, and country.


2016/2017 Student Council
President Lindsey Dhumad
Secretary Caitlin Aispuro
Treasurer Henock Negash
Parliamentarian Katelynn Valdez
Historian Elizabeth Oates
Religious Vice Peace Wade
Social Vice Joy Wade
Sports Officer Jessica Barraza
AV Officer Eliana Rincon
2015/2016 Student Council
President Christian Vaugh-Welch
Secretary Alani Santa Cruz
Treasurer Lindsey Dhumad
Parliamentarian Nikolle Samson
Historian Krystle Samson
Religious Vice Ivan Medina
Social Vice Joy Wade
Sports Officer(s) Lucas DoMoe
AV Officer Eliana Rincon
2014/2015 Student Council
President Krystle Samson
Secretary Leanneza Cadiz
Treasurer Lindsey Dhumad
Parliamentarian Isaiah McCain
Historian Peace Wade
Religious Vice Ivan Medina
Social Vice Brandon Rogers
Sports Officers Lucas DoMoe
Christian Arciaga
AV Officer Mnassie Awoke

Under the supervision of the principal, the student council meets regularly to discuss issues pertaining to the needs of students, the school, the community and possibilities for fundraising projects. The council also plans "Spirit Week" with the approval of the administration. These days are always greatly anticipated as the council leads the student body in creative ideas for a fun time. Officers are called upon to help with special assemblies, our Open House for prospective parents and students, and fundraisers and events.

The officers are expected to serve as role models for the student body. Their conduct both behaviorally and academically is observed by all, especially our youngest students. It is with this in mind that all officers must be in good standing to run for election and to hold office.

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