Foothill Adventist Elementary School

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Fine Arts

The art program K-8 is designed so that the lessons lay groundwork for those that follow and reinforce those that have come before. Perceptual skills and media skills are repeated within grade levels and from one level to the next. Art techniques are developed in sequences to build students' confidence with materials and equipment. New and challenging applications follow the acquisition of basic skills. The art curriculum at each grade level is organized around three main themes: Creating Art, Looking at Creation, Growing closer to our Creator. Aspects of these themes are developed within each year and across all nine years of the program. Within each year, students create in two-and three-dimensions and study drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, graphics, design, architecture, textiles, collage, ceramics, and crafts. Artistic achievements of women and ethnic groups, past and present, are represented.

The Music Curriculum has been designed to meet state and national standards for students by following the basic philosophies of Kodaly and Orff. A solid grasp of music theory and notation is developed through written and verbal skills and expressed by solfege, stick notation and rhythm solmization. Students also explore their individual abilities by engaging in rudimentary forms of music using basic rhythms and melodies. This approach encourages improvisation and composition in an effort to provide creative outlets apart from structured technique.

In every school year there is a Winter and Spring Concert where students are able to showcase their talent and material learned. Music classes include a choral setting in preparation for such events so that students may understand the proper conduct of performance and vocal technique as well as apply the learned ear training and note reading.

We aim to encourage in each drama student the confidence and ability to transform observation, sensitivity, and imagination into believable stage characters through monologues, scene work, and voice choir. We broaden the drama student's experience through visits to the theater twice a year. The students in the program are offered the leading roles in the Christmas and Spring musical programs.



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