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At Foothill, we strongly believe that Christian education is not a commodity, it’s a ministry! It’s a commitment! It’s a connection-a connection between your child’s need, your family philosophy, and our philosophy!

That’s why at Foothill, the most important consideration is what is educationally best for your child. All other considerations are secondary. That being said, we know that money is an important consideration for any parent. That is why, historically, Foothill has and partnered with resources to provide needs-based financial assistance. For current tuition rates, please call the school office to schedule a free Educational Success Consultation. Tuition information and how to apply for Financial Aid (if needed) will be covered in that meeting.


Financial aid is available for low-income families and for hardship situations. Qualified applicants are available to receive scholarships through the following programs:

1. Basic Fund

2. CCC Scholarships

3. Other options are available from time to time. Contact us for details.