Foothill Adventist Elementary School

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Why Parents and Students Love Foothill

Congratulations, Writing Contest Winners!!

Kindergarten Winner
"My school is special because I like basketball in the gym. I have learn how the wind blows the leaves."

1st Grade Winner
"I learn math. We do math drills. If we finish our work we get free time."

2nd Grade Winner
"There are many math classes in this school. I like this school a lot. It's fun in t
his school. I play with my friends. I like playing with my friends. And we learn about God. We play at recess. We do PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays."

​3rd Grade Winner
"Things I like about my school are teachers, principal, friends, God, and people. A Christian school is a good place to learn because we could pray when we are in trouble and when we don't understand the school work. Some cool things about Foothill are friends and fun. Things I learned about God are he told Noah to build an Ark an dhe died for our sins. My parents are glad they chose this school." 

4th Grade Winner
"I like Foothill because it is fun. The people are really nice. They are kind. That's why I love this school. I like it because the teachers take care of you wherever you go. They protect you from Stranger Danger and they are always with you so they can protect us from people that we don't know or see before. I love the teachers and staff. They do what they're doing, taking care of us all the time, even if we are not their child. 

5th Grade Winner
"I love Foothill...because we are one family, we talk about God, and we do fun activities. Foothill is a wonderful school, I know.
First, we are one family. We do chapel together to worship God. We play together with our friends and make sure to take care of one another. We will love each other because we are a family in Jesus Christ. 
Second, we talk about God. We talk about God to learn more about hima nd know that Jesus died for our sins. We should accept Jesus Christ as our Savior. Third, we do fun basketball, so we could have fun and learn more about it. For basketball, we make sure that we should stick together as a team. This is why I love Foothill. Because we are one family, we talk about God, and we do fun activities. We make sure [to] help each other and be kind to each other. We will always stick together." 

6th Grade Winner 
"The reason my family and I chose this school is because my mom had a friend whose daughter went to Footgill so we went here. At first, my brother and sister went to Foothill and I went to a public school for kindergarten. But then my mom moved me to Foothill and I still go here now. So that's why my family chose Foothill. Like all schools, Foothill isn't perfect. But it has something special that attracts my attention. Whenever there's a problem like bullying or something, we solve it right away and no one even knows that something happened. And also we have a mission to Love, Inspire, Teach, Encourage and that mission reminds us everyday to help people. That's what makes Foothill special to me. I think Christian Education is very important. Why? Because what kids learn in a Seventh-day Adventist School [prepares] them [for] the future. Like if you have a friend in the future that has a hard time, there are verses that you learned that could help that friend. That's why I think Christian Education is important. I think Foothill is different from other schools. I know because I think we all are there for each other and whenever [you go] to someone they will support you. And that's what every Christian school should do. That's what the difference is from other schools.
So for all of you who still have more questions [as] to why Foothill is different from public schools, I'll give you an answer. Foothill is a place where you not only come to learn but a place that we can learn about God and his unfailing love for us."

7th Grade Winner
"I love Foothill. From its uniqueness that is hard to hate to the beautiful practicality of the blue walls of the gym. It's like every detail was handcrafted and combined to make the jumble of amazing we call Foothill. It is such a blessing to be able to come here. The fact that I am able to talk and learn about God freely  is amazing. We are all taught about the same God and the same rules of life. We are all taught to love and respect each other. This really shows in our actions and there is nobody here to say otherwise. It gives me so much relief knowing that nobody will judge me on my beliefs. The staff and students here tend to be very friendly. The atmosphere almost never seems boring. There is always something fun going on. Whether you want to play some kind of sport or just want to chill on the benches and talk, there is always a place to go. Whenever I want to go play or hangout with someone, they will always accept me. I always feel accepted and that makes me so happy. This is why I love it here...I love everything about Foothill and I'm so blessed to be here, Thank you."

8th Grade Winner
"...I have been attending Foothill for 7 years now. The reason why I came to Foothill in the first place is because my mom and dad thought it would be best for me and my education. Throughout my first years at Foothill I've learned what makes Foothill unique from any other school. The kind staff and the students play a huge role on my feelings toward Foothill. Another reason Foothill is unique is because it is a Christian school. I feel like without a Christian education I would be lost. I've been to a public school before and it wasn't the best experience. I was bullied and the staff didn't really care for my well-being . Howeever, here at Foothill, it is the complete opposite. My teacher, Mrs. Carpio, prays specifically for me and it feels so good when you know someone's praying for you. In a public school they don't respect our religion. But at Foothill, they do. It doesn't matter if you're not even Christian. The purpose here at Foothill is to love, inspire, teach, and encourage. If I wasn't attending Foothill I would not be the person I am today. I'll be honest: yes, Foothill has it's flaws and it's not the perfect school. But for me, it's perfect. Here, Foothill is my second family and I love everyone that is here. If [something were to happen to] Foothill, I don't know what I would do. I love this school way too much. I've grown here, not just physically, but spiritually. I can't really put it into words how great the system is so I guess you're just going to have to find out by sending your child here." 

Sad to Say...
I'm not going back to Foothill Adventist-School tomorrow): I grew up at that school. I was there for 9 years straight and man, how much I would love to be there again. Even though I'll be going to [another school] tomorrow I'll always be a Falcon no matter where I'm at. I live and die Foothill. It's the only thing I know. Foothill is the school that raised me from pre-school to 8th grade, and now it's time to move on and start somewhere else): I LOVE FOOTHILL!! FALCON FOR LIFE!!

Jose R.
2013 8th Grade Graduate

An Enriched Education
As a parent in today's society, we need all the help we can get in forming our children's value system.  At Foothill, not only does my son get an awesome education, he is taught to be kind to one another and make choices in a Christian manner. I am thankful that God has provided a safe place for my son to become grounded with his faith and excel in his learning. The support from the teachers and staff has been outstanding. They value and respect my input as a parent. I recommend Foothill for all parents looking for an enriched education that instills the importance of God in their lives!
Marlene M. 
Parent of 3rd Grader

A Well-Rounded Education
My daughter has been attending Foothill since Kindergarten and she’s currently in the fourth grade.  I think Foothill has been a great choice for my daughter. The school is small, teacher student ratio is small, the class size is small but they have a huge heart at Foothill and provide that nurturing aspect that your child needs to succeed in school and in life.  Foothill is also a very well-rounded school.  You will get the academic part and the religious part but there’s also an artistic part that they bring out in every child. Each child is included in two performances each year. It’s great to attend these performances and see that unity in the school and how proud the kids are of Foothill. Thank you, Foothill.  Keep up the excellent work.

Ann N.
Parent of 4th Grader

Contentment is a Pearl of Great Price
When my husband and I were looking for a school for our children, we were looking for a school to align with in raising our children. Let's face it: our children spend most of their time during the week at the school. We wanted a place where our children will feel and get the training to allow them to have a determined purpose to cooperate with the efforts made by us, the parents and teachers, and reach a high standard of knowledge and character; a place that would allow and create space for them to be determined not to disappoint those who love them well enough to trust them. It is humanly to do right, and Jesus will help them to do right, if they seek to do it because it is right. Low and behold, Foothill fit that bill for us. We have our most precious investments - our three children at Foothill, the oldest has been there for 8 years. She is in the seventh grade. The twins were at Discoveryland for two years, and at Foothill now for three years. They are in the second grade. It was very important to us to be able to articulate to both the teachers and the principal what issues/inputs we may have. My husband and I consider Foothill to be our second home.
I recommend Foothill to any parent who wishes to train their children to have the foundation of right thinking. 

Very contented parents,
Greg & Violet W.
Parents of 2nd & 8th Graders


Tremendous Improvement!
Since the girls have started coming to this school, I have seen changes in the girls for the better. In terms of their self-confidence, their grades, and, their Bible knowledge - all have increased and improved tremendously. They look forward to going to the school, which is a very big indication that they love the teachers, fellow students, and those they come in contact with there.
The school size being what it is also has helped them shape up to be what they are today as students. The attention given to the students in all areas, and not just academics is so important, and that is provided by the faculty.
So, these are the main things that work for the girls. What does not work? - I really can't think of anything for this category.

Ronika J.
Parent of 3rd & 7th Graders

Very Satisfied
My son has been attending Foothill Adventist for two years. During that time, we have been extremely happy with the staff and the wonderful education that has been given. My son has brought home excellent grades and that tells me that the system is working. He has been very happy with both of the teachers he has had. My son enjoys going to school and never wants to miss school even when he is not feeling well.
The staff at Foothill is very warm and personable and they make you feel like you are part of the family. The school events are well organized, staffed by many parent volunteers, and everyone enjoys being part of the events. The classes are very intimate, and I know that each child gets special one on one attention. I feel very safe and secure when my child is at school. I never have to worry about his welfare.
Ms. Leonie [principal] is an amazing leader for the school, and they couldn’t have chosen a better person for the role. Ms. Arlene [secretary] is an outstanding right-hand person for Ms. Leonie. She is always willing to help and always provides service with a smile.
I would highly recommend Foothill Adventist to all who want a great education and a safe environment for their children.
Nancy M.
Parent of 3rd Grader